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Oh Jesus, my Saviour, my Redeemer

I feel your presence near to me!

My heart was locked, but you are the key,

You entered my heart and give blessings to me!

Thank you Oh Jesus! You set the prisoners free!

I love you Oh Jesus, because you first loved me!


Someone asked me, “Why I love you, oh my Saviour,

When I lose so much in my life”.

I replied, “Yes, I lose so much,

But what I lose you want to know???”

I lose my sorrows,

I lose my sins,

I lose my burdens,

I lose all things, which are not good to show!


The Son of God gave life for me,

He saved me by his mercy!

Yes, Jesus is my Saviour, my Redeemer,

He is my Advocate with God,

He is my strength and my rock!

I love my Saviour each moment of the day.

My life was not worth living,

Till Jesus my redeemer came my way!!!


I love you oh Jesus, because you first loved me!