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Most Exciting Life….


Sometimes I feel I live the most exciting life in the world. I have such a great time walking with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit . It has truly been A WALK IN GRACE and it keeps getting better. I’m growing from Grace to Grace! I think writing about God, Son of God and the Holy Spirit is to honour the Saviour who come to save me; the Father who loves me and the Holy Spirit who has made my life beautiful!

Being a Christian is a deep and wonderful thing. It is Life , Truth, Power and Glory. I’m not telling that I’ve no problems in my life . Everyone has their own problems . I’ve my ups and downs but the thing with God is that even when you are down, you are actually up!

People who think Christianity is a religion have missed a big time! Christianity has not and will never be a RELIGION. It is LIFE! An abundant life. It is the Life!!!