Jesus is our way

Jesus is our way

“The children of Israel saw the face of Moses, that the skin of Moses’ face shone: and Moses put the veil upon his face again, until he went in to speak with him” (Exodus 34:35). A person’s countenance is the outward expression of what is in his heart. When the revelation of God’s glory was made real to Moses, it changed his very look!

Paul testified, “It pleased God, who separated me from my mother’s womb, and called me by his grace, to reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him” (Galatians 1:15-16).

Paul was saying, “I have within me much more than some doctrine somebody thought up, more than just a head knowledge of Christ. I have a revelation of who Christ is—a revelation of His grace, mercy and love. And this revelation has become the very source of all I am and do. It’s the very essence of my life!”

The revelation of God’s glory is indeed wondrous. Yet many have turned that very revelation into a license to sin. Jude describes people “turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ” (Jude 4).

According to Paul, such people sin “that grace may abound” (Romans 6:1). They are saying, in essence, “If God loves to express Himself through mercy and forgiveness, then I’m going to give Him every opportunity. I’m going to sin and let Him keep loving me, so that grace will flow. What a testimony to the world that will be. I’ll be an object of all that love coming down from heaven.”

Such people are easy to spot. Their countenance gives them away. Isaiah spoke of Israelites who “provoke the eyes of his glory. The [look] of their countenance doth witness against them” (Isaiah 3:8-9). The prophet was saying, “Your sin witnesses against you in your very look. Whatever is in your heart is going to reveal itself in your countenance.”

On the other hand, even the rankest of sinners can tell when you have “been with Jesus.” How can they tell? You look like no one else to them! They say, “You’re different. You carry yourself with a humble assurance and nothing about you seems hidden. You’ve got no secretiveness and you don’t seem to carry any grudges or bitterness. If you did, I’d know it. Your life is an open book!”

Sin, however, wears a certain look. No smile can cover it up and its voice has the sound of emptiness—the echo of a sounding brass, a tinkling cymbal.

Those who have appropriated the glory of God are being changed every day. Their countenance is becoming more and more like that of Jesus!

36 thoughts on “Jesus is our way

  1. Your post is very good. You brought intimacy with God into focus. Now, please let me add a few thoughts about such intimacy. J.I. Packer wrote a book that was titled, “Knowing God.” It helped me immensely in my desire to know God more closely than I had ever imagined. Knowing equals intimacy, the deepest intimacy of relationship that can ever be achieved. John 17:3 is the starting point on the road that I would like for you to travel through study.Remember the word, “know.”
    Go to Genesis 4:1, Matthew 1:24-25, Philippians 3:10….Colossians 1:27 (in Christ, John 14:20; Christ in us, God the Father in us; God the Holy Spirit in us). Consider the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of “knowing,” in every aspect of your life. I love my wife so much that I want to pull her deeply into my body and never let her go. That is the relationship that Jesus wants with us, Him to us and us to Him.
    Blessings, to you. Please have a blessed day. Pastor/Equipping The Saints

  2. Oh yes, J.I.Packer helps believers to understand several attributes to God. He never writes about God’s attributes to merely fill our heads with theological concepts, but is instead challenging believers to allow their understanding of the person of God to lead them to greater devotion and holiness ….I haven’t read this book but some has recommended me…and now you also..I will surely go through this book!yes you are right that Jesus wants a deeply relationship with us. In our quest for intimacy with the Lord is getting to know Him- who He is, what He does, how He thinks and what He desires! And for this we have to grow our relationship with Him! But we are so busy to spend time each day with Him…we will never achieve closeness with the Lord unless we invest time and effort in getting to know Him! A neglected relationship simply won’t grow in richness or depth. Thank you for reading my post and for a valuable comment on it! I really appreciate your kind support! God bless you immensely!
    Thanks for recommending the book! It surely will produce a stronger faith, and help my walk with God!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Please let me take you to Philippians 3:10. We need to ask ourselves this question. Do we really wan to “know Jesus,” in all areas of intimacy. Consider the emotional swings that Paul mentions in that verse.
      “That we might know Him.” That sounds good; I really want to be intimate with Jesus. “And the power of His resurrection.” Hey! That’s really good, to rise to meet Him in the air, and to spend eternity with Him!” But, watch out now. “And the fellowship of His sufferings.” Suffering! I don’t know if I like that part of knowing Jesus. I don’t know if I really want to be “that intimate” with Him. And, here’s the kicker. “Being conformed to His death.” So, now we may ask ourselves, again, Do I really want “know Jesus,” especially with the knowledge that it may cost me my life?” My sister, thank you for your desire to serve Jesus. Thank you for the great encouragement that you have given to me. Pastor/Equipping The Saints.

      1. I’m totally agree with you that firstly we have to ask ourselves this question! We have to ask to our mind, we have to ask our soul! We should lay out everything before Him, share all with Him feeling hope spiritual insights! We can see the writings of David, whom the Bible calls a man after God’s own heart ( Acts 13:22) Psalm 63:1-8 gives a vivid description o His consuming passion for His Lord! Our souls and spirits will never experience satisfaction until we discover the joy of devotion to the only one who can fill our emptiness! Thanks so much again for your kind support! You are a blessing to others! God bless you whatever you do in your life!
        Thanks! !!

  3. Thanks for this post. Been listening to joyce Meyer talking about this scripture recently- talks about how once Christ is in us we can’t knowingly sin without the pull of Holy Spirit conviction. We are “dead to sin”, but sin isn’t dead. We will make mistakes, but striving NOT to is the goal. Which, I realize I can’t even do without His help! Fleshly condition is tricky, and pesky!!

    On a self-centered note, I’m particularly glad you posted this because I started a poem recently that includes prayer regarding my countenance. Almost forgot I wanted to complete that… So thanks! I will revisit it and, with God’s help, complete and post it! God bless you and hope you enjoy your day!!

    1. Thank you so much for such an interesting comment. Many important points in your comment. May His grace continue to rest upon you in the name of Jesus Christ.

    2. My dear friend, I can’t wait for your beautiful poetry about that!I truly love your poetry’s! They touch my heart always! Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting on my blog! Your words are truly inspiring me always! God bless you abundantly!

  4. Jesus likes giraffes. I asked Him, why giraffes? He said, He just does. : ) I do have to agree that giraffe baby are adorable. Just a thought.

  5. Thank you for your like of my music worship video, “Search Me, Cleanse Me, O’ God.” You are very kind.

  6. Oh Gosh, this convicts me of sin; I am made aware of the holiness of God.
    Love this portion as well: Paul was saying, “I have within me much more than some doctrine somebody thought up, more than just a head knowledge of Christ. I have a revelation of who Christ is—a revelation of His grace, mercy and love. And this revelation has become the very source of all I am and do. It’s the very essence of my life!”
    Thanks for sharing. VW

  7. Thank you for your like of my post on God’s Watchcare Over Us. You are very kind to do so.

  8. Very good post, Neeky! As we mature and grow in faith, we realize that we have died to sin. Every time we sin, we come back to its life just a bit. And by doing so, we eat of the devil’s fruit, and it leads to death!

    Thank God through Jesus Christ we have ongoing grace to forgive sins with a truly penitent heart!

    Good job…

    Steve 🙂

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