Abraham, the Friend of God….


To Abraham a great compliment was given – Jas. 2: 21-23, cp. 2 Chroni. 20: 7, Isa. 41: 8.

“Friend, one attached to another by esteem, respect and affection.”

Why was Abraham called “the friend of God?”

Abraham was a descendant of Noah and the son of Terah.

Promised to be the great progenitor of many nations.

All nations are blessed through Abraham’s seed, Jesus Christ.

Abraham is among the few privileged to have had special recognition with God.


  • Abraham was a man of great faith (Gen. 12; Gen. 15: 1-6).

Abraham was seventy-five years of age when he departed out of Haran.

This was an act of great faith.

The realization of Abraham (name changed in Genesis 17: 5) being the father of many nations was contingent upon Isaac.  Yet when told to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham obeyed.

Abraham’s faith is not just observed in his willingness to offer his promised son, but in the fact that he believed God was able “to raise him up”.


  • Abraham was a man of implicit obedience.  Great faith is not only trusting but also obedient (Gen. 12; 22; Heb. 11: 8, 17).

A common and static characteristic of God pleasing faith is obedience (Consider the examples of such great men of faith as Abel, Noah, and Moses, Heb. 11: 4; 7, 24, 27, 28).


  • Abraham was a man of immediacy and promptitude (Gen. 12: 4, see also Matt. 4: 18-22; Acts 9: 20; Acts 10: 33; 16: 33).

Stress how individuals with whom God has expressed his approval have not been lazy and people to “put off” matters.  They responded immediately to the task at hand.


  • Abraham was a man of hospitality and generosity (Gen. 18: 1-8, Heb. 13: 2).

It is admitted that our culture is different in terms of extending and not abusing hospitality.  Restaurants and motels have created a change.  However, there remains ways and opportunities to extent hospitality.


  • Abraham was a man of peace, even when it required sacrifice (Gen. 13: 5-12).

“Peace” is a running theme throughout the New Testament (see 2 Cor. 13: 11; Isa. 9: 6, 7; Rom. 10: 15; Rom. 14: 17; Matt. 5: 9, I Cor. 7: 15).


  • Abraham was a man who controlled his household (Gen. 18: 18, 19).

Headship is a mark of fidelity and is greatly desired.

A father today must control his household.

By teaching and setting the proper example, children have a lot better chance to grow up to themselves be God pleasing Christians.


You, too, can be a friend of God!

“You are my friends, if you do whatsoever I command you” (John 15: 14).

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