Love as Jesus Loves You…..


The Lord has allowed me in His Infinite Love and Mercy to reveal to the world the Meaning of a single verse, which contains the Total WILL OF GOD, for MAN AND ANGEL.

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”  – John 15:12

This is My Eternal Will- that You be like Me, by Sharing all that you have with one Another, unselfishly. To Care for and be Kind and Good to one another- with True Concern and Love. To protect one another from all danger. To encourage one another to live in Truth and Love. To Help one another live Righteously, thinking thoughts of Love and Truth towards one another. To abide together in Brotherly Unity with Eternal Love for One Another.

This Commandment applies to Men and Angels, for God is always and everywhere the Same.

God IS Love. 

God is speaking from His Glorious Throne
High above the Heavens, and Telling us- “THIS IS MY COMMANDMENT to all My Creations! LOVE EACH OTHER as I LOVE YOU ALL !”

God is Reaching Out His Holy Arms and saying to ALL HIS CREATIONS – “BE LIKE ME”! “LOVE LIKE I LOVE YOU”!

This will always be GOD’s COMMANDMENT. He never changes. Love is Eternal! Heaven is Heaven- only by reason of the Angels obeying this Commandment.

This verse contains: The Doctrine of Love, The Doctrine of God!

To Obey The Will of God- is to be An Angel of Love, full of Good Fruits, Peace and Joy, never feeling Lost or Afraid, always  totally filled with Assurance and Confidence that comes from God Dwelling within.   Amen


One thought on “Love as Jesus Loves You…..

  1. Love is the very nature of God. He created it, and no one else can possibly understand it in all the ways He does.

    What’s important is to practice it because it is the very essence of our Creator and in love we are all saved by grace…which is the ultimate form of love!

    Great post, Neeky!

    Steve Pejay

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